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Criminal Laws Explained

It can be daunting trying to decipher the complexities of Alberta’s criminal laws. Ravi Prithipaul has decided to break them down into the simplest terms.

DUI/Impaired Driving

DUI – Defence Issues

“DUI” charges, also referred to as impaired driving, driving while over the legal limit, drug-influenced driving, or failing or refusing to comply with police demands, are not traffic tickets. They are true Criminal Code offences.

Firearm Offences

The Firearms Act

One of the more intricate areas of the criminal law is that which deals with firearms. Rules which govern the licensing, use, storage, and transportation of firearms and weapons are contained not only in the Criminal Code, but in the Firearms Act and various regulations.

Drug Charges

Possession and Trafficking

A finding of guilt for even a minor drug offence could prevent you from travelling to the USA. Ravi Prithipaul is an Edmonton criminal defence lawyer who defends drug cases involving a variety of narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.

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Ravi Prithipaul Q.C., since 1990, has devoted his career to representing persons charged with criminal offences. He is recognized as a dedicated and ethical professional who prides himself on his competence as an advocate for the accused. Mr. Prithipaul restricts his practice to the defense of those charged with criminal and regulatory offences at trial, on appeal, and in administrative hearings.